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"Almost every Chinese has Peacock flavor intheir stomachs"

--Pan Beilei, former Member of CPPCC National Committee and Vice President ofChina Light Industry Association, speaks highly of Peacock Flavor

  • 1912
    In 1912, the national industrialist Mr. Fang Yexian founded the China Chemical Industry Corporation in Shanghai, and the national industrialist Mr. Fan Hefu opened a mainland chemical product factory (Mainland Pharmacy) in Shanghai, which gave birth
  • 1947
    In 1947, Mr. Wang Qinghua, Zhou Tailan, and Chen Lianghua founded the Kailong Perfume Factory in Shanghai, registered the "Peacock Brand Trademark", produced edible flavors and tobacco flavors, and the Peacock flavor brand was born.
  • 1958
    In 1958, the State-owned Shanghai Daily Chemicals Factory was formed by the merger of the Mainland Chemical Products Factory, Lilai Chemical Industry Factory, Shijuxing Hardware Factory, Huasheng Chemical Industry Factory, and Zhu Xiangji Feihua Fac
  • 1962
    In Nov. 1962, Shanghai Food Daily Chemical Company merged the Peacock flavor business from Zhengguanghe Soda Plant into Shanghai Daily Chemical Plant. "Peacock brand" food flavor and "Samsung brand" mosquito coils were the leading brands of Shanghai
  • 1967
    In 1967, all the flavor and fragrance enterprises in Shanghai, including the Shanghai Daily Chemicals Factory, were changed to state-owned enterprises.
  • 1983
    In 1983, Shanghai Daily Fragrance Factory was established on the basis of Shanghai Daily Chemicals Factory. The production business of Samsung brand mosquito coils was divested to the newly built Shanghai Samsung Daily Chemicals Factory in Fengxian L
  • 1995
    In 1995, Shanghai Daily Flavor Factory was restructured to establish Shanghai Peacock Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd.
  • 2004
    In 2004, Huabao Group acquired the business, assets and brand of Shanghai Peacock Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd., and restructured and established Shanghai Huabao Peacock Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd., and the "Peacock" trademark also entered Hu
  • 2008
    In 2008, Guangzhou Huabao Food Co., Ltd. was invested and established
  • 2010
    In 2010, we invested in the establishment of Guangzhou Hanfang Food Culture Co., Ltd., and invested in the establishment of Shanghai Huazhen Food Science&Technology Developing Co., Ltd.
  • 2011
    In 2011, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangzhou Huabao Holdings Qingdao Qingda Property Co., Ltd.
  • 2015
    In 2015, it established and controlled Xinjiang Huabao Natural Biotechnology Co., Ltd. through its wholly-owned subsidiary Guangzhou Huabao Investment.
  • 2016
    In 2016, we invested and established Lhasa Weitianxia Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai H&K Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. changed its name to Shanghai H&K Flavors Co., Ltd.
  • 2018
    At 9:18 on March 1, 2018, Huabao Flavours & Fragrances Co., Ltd. officially landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and was successfully listed. Stock abbreviation: Huabao Shares; stock code: 300741

The history of H&K Flavor can betraced back to the Continental Chemical Society, a national flavor and fragrance enterprise established in 1912. This is the starting point for the development of the national flavor industry and has witnessed the development history of China's flavor and fragrance industry. In 1947, with the rapid development of flavors and fragrances, the "Peacock" brand was born,and it has been passed down to this day and continues to develop. In 2004,Huabao Group acquired the brand and business of Shanghai Peacock Flavors andFragrances Co., Ltd., and restructured to establish Shanghai H&K Flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd., shouldering the important task of building aworld brand for the Chinese nation. Through resource integration, industrialcoordination, and common development, we will show vigor and vitality to theindustry and promote the common prosperity of the food industry.